Our Fremont Noon Kiwanis club is committed to encouraging and enabling future leaders by sponsoring student and community wide service clubs.
The AKtion Club is a volunteer organization connected with ENCOR and Mosaic clients here in Fremont that serves over 65 residents.  Advisors include Jim Holtam and Joan Wilcox.

The Circle K club at Midland University are college age students.  Their faculty advisor, Nick Schreck works with this club of over 20 young and talented leaders.
The Key Club at Bergan Catholic High School are community-minded students with Judy Miles as their faculty advisor and Diana Myers as their Kiwanis liason.

The Key Club at Fremont Sr. High School are community-minded students with Ryan Olson as faculty advisors and Lon Olson as their Kiwanis liason.

The Builder's Club at the Fremont Middle School are young 5th and 6th graders with Shari Holcomb as school sponsor and Ryan Mulliken as their Kiwanis Advisor.

The K-Kids at Grant Elementary School are active 3rd and 4th graders with faculty advisor, Principal Brent Cudly and Diane Brown as their Kiwanis advisor.